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System solutions

Our system solutions are based on meticulously designed and perfectly coordinated technologies which – needless to say - comply with all applicable international safety stipulations and standards. Take a moment to click through our large selection of hazard point, danger area and access safeguards.

  • Press brakes
  • Shears
  • Sawmills
  • Folding machines
  • Punching nibbling machines
  • Function description

    The Press brake Laser guarding System AKAS®-II is is a special protective device for press brakes. It consists of transmitter, receiver and LSUW N1 MUTING K controller (switching unit) or the Safety Controller FMSC.

    The AKAS®-II transmitter gereates two modulated visible red laser beams. The AKAS®-II receiver consists of three detecting elements and of one evaluation unit.

    Transmitter and receiver are fixed to the ram of the machine and form a Laser-optical safety light grid which is located in front of the bending punch. With the Laser-optical safety light grid AKAS®-II the hands remain free for handling the slug during the operation under continuous protection of the extremities during the whole bending process.

    pressbrakes Areas of application:

  • Innovative finger guarding system for pressbrakes by following LASER optical safety light grids in front of the tool.
  • Finger guard works during the foot pedal controlled bending process => hands remain free for the operation with the slug.
  • Increase of productivity due to programmable adaptation of the AKAS® II to the individual overrun traverses of the machine.
  • Short change-over times due to all-automatic change-over to other tool sizes.
  • Press brake guarding.
  • Shears with pressure pad.
  • Blanking presses.

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