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Servo hydraulic system

The servo hydraulic solutions presented here are delivered plug & play. They have been tailored to the needs of specific applications, but they can also be adapted for other machine types.

Electro-hydraulic drive type ePRAX® max

The patented ePRAX® electro-hydraulic drive combines the advantages of both drive technologies in a single, powerful and ready-for-connection system. Thanks to its hydraulics, it is powerful and durable, and it does not need any external oil lines due to its integrated design. Speed control takes place independently for each axis via the ePRAX controller. This drive has been specially optimized for press brakes and, through the targeted use of stored drop energy for the return stroke, it provides an extremely high level of dynamics while also achieving significant energy savings. The ePRAX® max complies with the valid accident prevention regulations and is certified with certificate of unit approval no. 13005.

Technical data

  • Nominal force per machine: 1,100 to 2,500 kN (with two ePRAXs)
  • Rapid speed: up to 230 mm/s
  • Positioning accuracy: 5 µm
  • Working stroke: 280 mm (standard)

Electro-hydraulic drive type ePRAX® modular

The patented ePRAX® modular electro-hydraulic drive is tailored to the special requirements of drives for CNC press brakes. All required components can be assembled using a modular design, ensuring optimal use of the installation space through a flexible layout. The ePRAX® modular complies with the valid accident prevention regulations and is certified with concept assessment no. 18003.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure pmax: 320 bar
  • Flow rate Qmax: 50 lpm
  • Rated power: 24.3 kW (per axis)
  • Installation position: horizontal (cylinder module, tank module) or as necessary (servo power module)

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