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CybMVA Amplifier Module

As part of its complete solutions, we offer a range CybMVA amplifier modules covering all press brake configurations.

CybMVAs are implemented with the CybTouch 15 PS, VisiPac, VisiTouch 19 and 19 MX controls through a CANopen link.

The CybMVA modules are multichannel valve amplifiers developed to operate simultaneously Y1, Y2 valves (any kind of hydraulic systems), one pressure valve and one crowning valve.

Depending on the model, CybMVA can drive:

  • proportional valves with feedback.
  • open-loop proportional valves without feedback.
  • proportional valves with integrated amplifier.
  • servo valves.
  • hybrid press brakes.

CybMVA, placed inside the cabinet, also serves as interface to I/O and analog axes.

Main useful features

USB interface and its dedicated PC program offer simple parameters setup and diagnostic.

LEDs signals for easy function check.

Depending on the type of valves, configuration directly from VisiPac or VisiTouch through CANopen link.

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Customer Benifits

  • All in one design.
  • Manage directional, pressure and crowing valves.
  • Attractive solution from the same supplier.