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Day: 2 June 2021

Montgri, Spain, and Colombo, France : a new CybTouch 15 control for Press and Shears News / By Sylvere_D

A new CybTuch 15 control developped for combined machine, with the main Europan manufacturer, Montgri in Spain


January 19, 2021

CYBELEC SWITZERLAND, HEADQUARTER : WANTED January 19, 2021 Experienced software engineer for our development team

If you have a solid experience in electronic industry, if you are organized and crative and if you are ready to join a dynamic team, please have a look to our full job description and apply !


16 Dec 2020


This important upgrade includes major applications and functions highly expected such as tools import in DXF, multi profiles and group management, possibility to add numerical extra bends in graphic parts, 3 points angle measurement and correction, Automatic Step bending for Big Radius, …Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


31 Oct 2020

Great success in the Shanghai fair 31 Oct 2020

2020 MWCS is the largest machine tool exhibition in China. CNCT (Cybelec wholy owned subsidiary in China) presented a specific booth to celebrate its 50 year anniversary on this event. More and more OEM customers & end users are using Cybelec CNC in coming years. Cybelec enhanced significantly its position in China with sales increasing by 30 % this year.


16 Oct 2020

Switzerland, first successful tests on the fields with our VisiPac control 16 Oct 2020

In collaboration with a close end-user, we finalized a retrofit of a Beyeler press, six axes with our new VisiPac. The Visipac control communicates through the canOpen with the CybMVA module placed inside the cabinet. With this solution, it is not necessary to wire the encoders and signals wires to the NC, involving significant technicians’ working time.Thanks to the full compatibility of our products, we transferred easily all parameters, programs and tools customized by the customer to the VisiPac.The retrofit of NC took one full day.After height hours of work the machine was ready to work.


15 Oct 2020

Visit and training at client’s workshop in Dover, UK 15 Oct 2020

The main goal of our visit was to train AFM, Ermaksan’s dealer in UK , our service partner MPS and the end user of the machine, Streetspace Ltd. The training was mostly focused on the 3D side of the VisiTouchMX software including the HMI programming, tooling set-up and 3D model designing. All the features and different possibilities the VisiTouchMX has to offer has been presented and shown directly on the machine. We fixed minor issues and also had some time to fine tune the machine parameters of the press brake in order to have smooth running machine. We took the opportunity to install the VisiTouchMX offline software on the end user’s computer and answer any questions.

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