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Engineering and mechatronic solutions from a single source

With our system solutions, we meet your requirements from advice and design to support during commissioning. The components of the HAWE modular system are ideally combined with additional components. You benefit from our many years of industry experience, proven components and global engineering based on uniform standards. If you involve HAWE in the development of your hydraulic system right from the start, you can concentrate on your core competence and receive all hydraulic components from us from a single source. These are completely coordinated and tested in interaction. You will also be given the associated test report.

An excerpt from the variety of already implemented areas of application:

  • Renewable energy
  • Machine tools and manufacturing systems
  • Test facilities and test stands
  • Brake and winch controls
  • Special machine construction and plant construction
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Lubricant supply
  • Press
  • Hazardous areas (ATEX)

An extract from our product range:

Application-specific control blocks

With customer-specific valve control blocks, we meet your requirements for material, connection size, pressure stability and installation position. Upon request, we can expand these with storage tanks, valve technology and sensors.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 400 bar
  • Volume flow (Qmax): 70 l / min

Compact hydraulic system solutions

According to your requirements, we implement compact, ready-to-connect solutions consisting of accumulators, cylinders, valve technology and sensors.

Technical data

  • Holding force max: 10,500 N Cylinder stroke extension max: 300 mm Cylinder stroke retraction max: 200 mm

Smaller customer-specific adjustments

Our standard compact units are combined with customer-specific control blocks. The large selection of valves from our modular system offers the right solution for every function. Upon request, we will design and assemble a suitable steel frame.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Volume flow (Qmax): 10 l / min

Special requests as standard

We implement your wishes with regard to painting, corrosion and surface protection in series. For additional attachments such as coolers, filters, cylinders, accumulators, measurement and control technology, we will find the ideal place together. We can also deliver the system to you with an oil filling.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 200 bar
  • Volume flow (Qmax): 30 l / min

Explosion protection with certificate

Benefit from our extensive know-how in setting up hydraulic systems for use in potentially explosive environments. ATEX-compliant standard motor, coupling, level switch and temperature switch are just a few examples of how we implement a high level of safety in the supply of pressurized oil.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Volume flow (Qmax): 90 l / min

Hydraulics and electronics delivered ready for connection

Customized solutions are supplied plug & play. We take over the design, cabling and programming of your hydraulic system according to your specifications and ideas.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Volume flow (Qmax): 60 l / min

Steel construction in various shapes and sizes

Thanks to our network of reliable suppliers, we can meet your requirements in terms of tank shape and size, frame structures and other steel components.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 350 bar
  • Volume flow (Qmax): 390 l / min

Complete hydraulic systems and testing facilities

We take care of the design, assembly and commissioning according to your requirements. You receive a tested hydraulic system tailored to your task from a single source.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Volume flow (Qmax): 500 l / min

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