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Safety Light Curtains with Blanking features ILVT

Function description

The transmitter generates infra-red light beams flashing at high speed in synchronous action. The parallel light beams with a spacing of 7,5mm or 14,3mm are monitored by miocro-controllers. The receiver evaluated the arriving beams in synchronous action to the transmitter.

Due to the closeness of the beams, a resolution of 14 mm / 30 mm is achieved. If an obstacle is placed into the protective field, i.e. at least iner lieght beam is interrupted, the hazardous movement of the machine is stopped, i.e. a new start is not possible.

Programmer for activation of blanking functions. Simple programming by 4 dip switches, authorization by key-switch. BPSG: For blanking light barriers with power supply and restrictedly guided relais with potential-free outputs.

BLPG: Programmer for blanking light barriers. Unit may be removed after completed programming. The program will remain permanently in the light curtain and will remain unaffected even in case of a voltage drop.

Safety Light Curtains with Blanking features ILVT

The safety light curtains ILVT are electrosensitive protective devices
  • blanking of obstacles with reliable safety.
  • 11 blanking features easy to program.
  • integrated switching unit: contactor control and restart interlock.
  • extremely short reaction times.
  • protective field up to 1,9 m high, range 20 m.

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