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Series PLSG switchgear saves costs due to:

- direct on-site wiring

  • Short cabling distances
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Saved space in the switch cabinet
  • Integrated muting lamp

- direct connection of safety components

  • Elimination of the need for safety switchgear for emergency stop
  • safety door switching
  • two-hand control desk or cycle control systems

- minimal parameterization work

  • No software required
  • Short commissioning times

Function description

The muting function enables personal protection without impeding the material flow

  • Safeguarding access to automatic production plants.
  • Safeguarding drive-in openings to production cells.
  • Safeguarding palletizing plants.
  • Conveying and storage technology.

If the muting sensors are arranged properly, it is not possible to simultaneously interrupt any of the sensor pairs.


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